50 Years of Singapore Television – An Exhibition

Celebrating Singapore Television 50 Years of Success through a series of exhibitions

Welcome Address

Celebrating 50 years of Singapore Television

Hello and welcome to our online virtual exhibition.

We have lined out a series of exciting exhibitions for you to take a closer look of Singapore’s 50 years of progress on television.

The topics are wide ranged as we hope to talk about different aspects of television, from news gathering, reportage, coverage, drama productions, sitcom and variety. We will talk about what has changed over years, what are the elements that has been retained over the past 50 years, the evolution of Singapore TV to the mass audience.

Has the demand of the local audience evolved over the years? And what are the different methods of news and content consumption people adopt now? These are just some of the topics and we invite you to take a look at our galleries to understand more.

The gallery will be divided into 5 sub-galleries, each covering a different aspect of Singapore TV.

1. Issues in Queer Identity
by Xiao Yan & Diana Toh

2. NDP Over The Years
by Zhong Wei

3. News Broadcast and Coverages
by Regina Ng & Jay Teo

4. Political Elections Coverages
by Divya Selvan & Huang Ji

5. Singapore Drama Shows
by Cassandra Sim

Virtual Gallery Walkthrough

Do also take a look at our virtual gallery space as an impression of what we perceive our gallery will look like.

Virtual Gallery Overview


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