50 Years of Singapore Television – An Exhibition

Celebrating Singapore Television 50 Years of Success through a series of exhibitions

Virtual Gallery Walkthrough

This is the artist’s impression of an area of the whole virtual museum.

The virtual museum will be equipped with projectors, LCD screens, ipads, private hearing system etc.

(For the whole impression of the museum, please refer to our individual floorplans attached to each of our posts)

Image converted using ifftoany

Overall artist  impression of ” News broadcast and Coverage” segment of the virtual exhibition

Image converted using ifftoanyWalkthrough of the museum

Image converted using ifftoanySeats and headphones are provided for a more private viewing

Image converted using ifftoany
Each section of the museum is intentionally blocked to segment the different aspects of the museum

Image converted using ifftoanyA large LCD screen to allow audience to stand around it and to view it together

Image converted using ifftoanyUse of Ipads

Image converted using ifftoany

An interesting feature of this segment of the museum. A set- up of a newsroom is installed to allow audience to take on the role of a news presenter. This room is equipped with technology that mimicks those used today. Audience will be able to see his/her image on the screen behind him/her.

Image converted using ifftoany

A long counter with laptop and news script.


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